Program Updates

Version updates or new 'releases' of Stockit are issued from time to time as part of our on-going development programme for the product. There is generally a small cost for these updates. See below for information about updating from earlier versions.

In between these version updates, service updates or 'patches' may be issued. These are generally issued free-of-charge for qualifying users. Check below for information about the latest version available.

Automatic checking for version and service update availability is built into the product and can be run from the Help menu. This will tell you when a new update is issued so that you can be sure about keeping up with the latest issue.

Latest Version Available

The latest full version of Stockit is Version 1.7. If you wish to update to this version from an earlier revision, then please contact Sales for information and prices for upgrading to the latest version.

Version 1.7 differs from earlier versions in the interface used to connect to the database file, to overcome issues reported on some newer editions of Windows where access to the database was intermittent or unreliable due to changes in Microsoft's support for some database technologies. If you are using an earlier version and are experiencing this type of problem, please contact us about upgrading to the latest edition.

Service Updates for Version 1.7

There are currently no service updates available for Version 1.7.

Updates From Earlier Versions

If you wish to update to the latest version from an earlier revision then please contact Sales for information and prices for upgrading.