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Product Overview

Stockit is a powerful, yet simple to understand stock management and planning software tool designed to greatly ease the task of inventory control and production kitting. No more endless visual checking, remembering to get quotations, or reordering parts; Stockit does this for you.

Instead, you have a fully integrated stock control and parts listing program with the ability to automatically determine inventory shortages and generate the necessary quotation requests and purchase orders. Fully Windows compliant, you'll find Stockit instantly familiar with your Microsoft™ Office applications like Word™ and Excel™. Designed for ease of use, Stockit can be learned in just a few hours.

Single & multi-seat configurations

Stockit can be a single seat or multi-seat installation all accessing a single central database.

Relational Database

All your stock records are held in a single relational database.

PCB Design Software Integration

Integrate with any Schematic and PCB design software to transfer Parts lists and quantities between systems.

Product Control

Control your Parts

Each part can have three distinct Part Numbers allocated for you, your supplier and the original manufacturer of the part.

Fast parts list generation

Parts lists can be generated very quickly using a 'Pick from Stock' table which gives access to your entire database and allows sorting and searching any field.

Automatic Minimum Stock Levels update

Items with a minimum stock level can be replenished at any time without having to go through the 'kitting' process.

Automatic Ordering

Create orders automatically

All orders include order ref, supplier, order date, date due, delivery and invoice address, cost, and whether each item is for production, non-production or schedule.

Unplanned issues

Stockit is flexible enough to allow for part issues that do not form part of a production kit, and to add extra parts to the automatically generated orders to cover stock shortages.

Full trial kitting

Stockit will check your stock and generate a comprehensive list of shortages. You can choose alternative parts, and print quotation requests or orders - automatically.

Stockit helps you build entire projects

When you've built a product you can stock it, sell it, or use it just like any other component in another product - level after level after level.

Partial deliveries

Stockit will happily accept partial deliveries, and will even let you release partial kits to avoid holding up production.

Stock Valuation

Stockit will provide you with a valuation of all parts and products in stock, together with the value of all kits, shortages, outstanding orders and total stock.

Interfaces with Accountancy systems

Import parts-lists, stock, suppliers, categories in CSV format from many accountancy products such as SAGE and Quickbooks. You can also export data in CSV and RTF format.

Security Management

Security Management

When data protection is essential, Stockit is here for you. Control who can access, view and/or modify data by individual or department.

User Defined Proforma Invoice

User Defined Stationery

As well as using plain paper and the standard templates, you can also customise a printing template containing your own company logo and layout to be used when printing.

Full Feature List

See a full list of the major features provided to you in Stockit.