Technical Support Policy

We provide technical support to registered users, and to those who are genuinely evaluating the software prior to purchase, via email and telephone. Support is limited to the current major version and according to the conditons set out on this page.

We regret that we cannot provide on-site support for any problems, nor any form of support for discontinued products or for problems relating to operating systems, networks, hardware, etc.


Major &Version Updates& are available to registered users for a nominal fee from time to time. This will enable you to get the latest major version of the product, continued technical support and all service patches available on our web site. We are unable to issue bug fixes or other program corrections on any version other than the current release version. If you have purchased the product within 1 month of a major release, provided you have registered the product with us, you will be entitled to receive the update free of charge.

In order for this to work successfully, it is essential that any problems are reported to us before your warranty period has expired. To take full advantage of the free update service you must complete and return the User Registration Form provided with your purchase.

Operating System Support

We have a clear support policy for the various versions of Microsoft Windows.