Stockit Version 1.6 Update

Westdev is pleased to announce the latest version of Stockit – version 1.6. This release introduces new features to further aid every day life within your production environment. With valuable customer feedback, features for this release have been driven from our user base from around the world. Emphasis has been placed on usability features and customisation for maximum productivity.

Windows 7 Support

As part of the continued development cycle of Stockit, version 1.6 now fully supports the latest Microsoft operating system – Windows 7. As an official Microsoft development partner, Westdev Ltd has access to the latest writing techniques, technology and operating systems, well before they are released. Version 1.6 has been tested under this new operating system to ensure its performance and stability.

Partial Ordering

Purchase orders can be made selectively using the new Partial Ordering features. It means that items on a long delivery schedule can be pre-ordered ahead of other items required to build a project. This brings added control over your ordering processes and further enhances order scheduling and production sequencing.

User Defined Attributes

As part of your stock inventory, the ability to enhance stock data using attributes has been added. You can add unlimited attribute names and values to each stock item in the database. This enables your stock to become more intelligent by empowering it with more information. This information can be extracted using the Report Builder and new Attribute or Stock Attribute selections.
Information can also be utilised by the Pulsonix Database Connection (PDC) option directly in your Pulsonix electronic designs. When combined with fields such as obsolescence status or cost, this makes it a very powerful option.

As well as component values, you can also add hyperlink fields to the attributes. These can be references to datasheets, documents, pictures, executables and other external sources. On selection, if an application is associated with that file type, Acrobat Reader with a PDF file for example, that file will be displayed.

Customisable User Interface

Using the new customisable user interface, you can create your own toolbars, add toolbar buttons and commands, and create shortcut keys for all commands within Stockit. New functionality allows you to create toolbars and add tools to these for your own tasks, multiple toolbars can be added to group tasks, this makes Stockit much more efficient to use and speeds your production process.

Updated User Interface

New Look

The user interface has been enhanced to give it a new up-to-date look using the flat ‘look’ icons. The new user interface allows you added control over toolbars, buttons and customisation. Toolbars can be moved, undocked and resized, as well as the ability to add your own toolbars and toolbar buttons; this makes Stockit more customisable for everyday use.

Tabbed Windows

Tabbed windows allow you to quickly identify and switch to other open windows within Stockit. For example, you can quickly switch between Stock items, Attributes and Suppliers, all with one easy mouse click. Each tab is clearly marked with the forms’ name allowing quick identification.

Report Builder Update

New outputs have been added to the Report Builder to report Attributes, Job Shortages and Stock Attributes. Where you require a full list of attributes, values and Stock items, the Stock Attributes selection can be used. The Job Shortages report can combine job information and Stock items in the same report. These new report items give you the ability to examine and check precise details along your production cycle, and also control of outputting exactly what you need.

FIFO Calculation in Update Stock Costs

A new Average Goods In calculation has been added to the Update Stock Costs dialog. This will give you an average goods-in value of your current stock based on the First In First Out principle (FIFO). This is a standard industry recognised method of calculating goods-in value and further enhances your Stockit system.

Fast Searching Improvements

Two changes have been made to the Navigation bar to speed up searching. If you have a column already selected, this will pre-select the Search field in the Navigation bar; this saves time by removing the extra selection process. Once an item has been found, you can now use a shortcut key combination to find the next item in the search. This can be particularly useful when searching columns which are not the current sort field and again, saves you time and effort.

Direct connection to the Pulsonix PCB Design System

Using the Pulsonix Database Connection (PDC) option, you can now connect the Pulsonix PCB system directly to Stockit. It utilises the stock item and stock attribute fields to directly interface live stock data with Pulsonix Part information, thus ensuring dynamic stock checking and usage at all times.
Stock can be flagged with various statuses which Pulsonix can use to search on, important status like obsolescence for example or cost. These are in addition to parametric searches of standard component data such as Value, Tolerance, Wattage, Voltage or other Attribute names. All of this information is defined in the Stockit database and is based on stock held and actual parts lists for manufacture.

Easy Access to Users Guides and Manuals

To aid fast location of the Users Guide and Update Notes, Stockit now includes menu items for manual selection. These and other documents are located on the Help menu and can be accessed at all times during the program’s use.

Technical Support

For existing Stockit (Windows) users, not only do you get these great new production enhancing features but you also receive continued support through our dedicated support desk manned by industry experts. All this plus access to continuous service patches and critical bug fixes keeping your production running at all times. This further enhances your investment with Stockit and protects your database and intellectual property (IP).


As an economically priced upgrade for existing Stockit users, this represents a sound investment in a highly productive toolset.